Logo Design

I set out to design a new logo that would capture a modern look with a vibrant color palette. My goal was to evoke a sense of clean and lively energy for users, signifying a fresh start in managing their energy plans. The logo mark combines both the ‘C’ and ‘E’ letters and includes a mobile toggle switch to communicate the ease of use of our platform.

SEO Templates

While redesigning an entire cart experience might seem like the ultimate challenge for a UI/UX designer, it was actually the SEO template design phase of this project that proved to be the toughest. With over 300 distinct SEO templates needing to be audited and redesigned, it became a massive undertaking that required extensive collaboration between myself and the SEO content team. My goal was to streamline and reduce the number of templates needed, ensuring a successful launch of the MVP for our new SEO site.

Continued: SEO Templates

In addition, it was imperative that every template was designed to be responsive, accommodating various screen sizes and devices. Notably, many of the mobile experiences were intentionally crafted to provide a distinct and independent user journey from the desktop version, as mandated by analyst stakeholders for specific testing purposes.

Cart UI/UX

The cart and checkout process required a complete overhaul of the backend code to align with Red Ventures’ tech stack at that time. As part of delivering an upgraded MVP, I redesigned the cart interface, introducing enhanced features like sorting, filtering, and recommended offers for users. I also created a streamlined enrollment form, which would be followed up by our energy consultant team for verification via phone communication.

Continued: Cart UI/UX

Similar to the approach taken with the SEO site, the Cart experience was reimagined to offer distinctive mobile experiences that fully leveraged the potential of mobile screens. Instead of just compressing the existing desktop design, I carefully optimized the mobile interface, ensuring an intuitive and seamless user experience tailored specifically for mobile devices.