Homepage Concept Designs

When I first joined the team at LendingTree, we were in the middle of a major brand redesign. It was an exciting time for the entire design team as we all pitched in to come up with fresh ideas for the updated brand’s online presence. I had the chance to work on a few of those concepts, and here are a couple of them.

Responsive Native Designs

Even in 2023, inquiries about a designer’s proficiency in responsive design are not uncommon. I have extensive experience in this area. Below are examples of landing page design tests, demonstrating the desktop and mobile responsive layouts.

Blog Redesign

Drawing on my early experience in designing and coding WordPress blog themes back in the mid-2000s, I had the opportunity to revamp the LendingTree blog. This project involved a complete redesign, covering everything from the main blog index to various content templates and sidebar elements. It was rewarding to have the creative freedom to reimagine and improve different aspects of the blog’s design while collaborating closely with the SEO team to achieve their goals for the blog.

About page designs

I also worked on some internal and non-public projects for LendingTree. One of the highlights was creating an immersive ‘About LendingTree’ experience for individual presentations and conferences. As both designer and developer, I designed the overall presentation and built a motion prototype to bring it to life.