Lender Leads Management Platform

LendingTree provides lenders with the opportunity to enhance their visibility in specific verticals within the MyLendingTree app and website. Although lenders are not promoted on offer pages, they can increase their presence in other areas, such as geo searches and general lender searches. I headed up design for the platform that enables lenders to set up promotional campaigns and effectively manage leads generated from these campaigns.

Lender Offers Redesign

I designed a detailed template that focused on highlighting a lender’s offer. It made it easy for users to schedule a call with the lender and move forward with loan offers.

Lender Visibility Management Platform

I designed the lender offer campaign platform that made it easier for lenders to get leads automatically. This platform allowed lenders to target specific loan requests based on user demographics, loan type, and location. It also allowed lenders to manage their campaigns easily, with options to start, pause, and pay for campaigns instantaneously.

Lender Partnership Management

UI/UX designed and developed  in collaboration with the VP over Lender Partnerships