Pippy &The Peeps

To enhance Flyclops’ visibility and brand recognition, I designed a set of captivating mascot characters that served dual purposes: featuring in marketing campaigns and integrating seamlessly into the game’s interface, unifying our brand messaging and providing players with relatable visuals.

App Store Previews

One of the most thrilling and impactful moments during my time at Flyclops was when I had the chance to use our new cast of characters to create captivating app store previews. This opportunity allowed me to showcase our brand in an engaging and visually stunning way. Leading both the design and animation, I crafted a new app store video that effectively captured the essence of our game and attracted new users. I also redesigned our app store screens to highlight the unique features and gameplay of Domino! in a visually appealing way. These efforts played a crucial role in enhancing our app’s visibility, attracting a larger audience, and increasing downloads.

Rank Play Badges

In developing Flyclops’ new Ranked play mode, I got to create distinctive Ranked badges. These badges featured the iconic Flyclops logo, as the Flyclops brand has become synonymous with our app. Many players actually refer to the game as ‘Playing Flyclops’ instead of ‘Domino!’ This design choice was a nod to our loyal player community, highlighting their strong connection to the Flyclops brand and symbol of the game.

Themed Bones

One of the most exciting visual design projects I got to work on at Flyclops was creating our first collection of themed Domino bones. These bones were carefully designed to match different game board themes, letting players personalize their gaming experience. I used a mix of 2D and 3D design techniques to bring this vision to life, resulting in a unique set of Domino bones. Here are some of my favorite designs.