3D Brand Creative Assets

In the highly competitive SaaS landscape, differentiating a brand and creating a captivating user experience is a big challenge. With many competitors copying each other’s homework, there’s a constant risk of blending into the crowd with unoriginal brand visuals and messaging. As the design lead at AWeber, my role was to set the brand apart by giving it a visually distinct identity and working directly with our copy team for visual/copy coherence. I created assets that were prominently featured across our website and social media platforms. This approach introduced users to a fresh and unique brand language, offering a refreshing change from the common flat and 2D illustrations typically seen in the SaaS space.

AJ & The Automations

One notable 3D creative project involved reintroducing AWeber’s beloved mascot, AJ the Astronaut, and introducing a charming ensemble of unique robot assistants known as ‘The Automations.’ I designed these characters to represent the user-friendly and automated tools offered by AWeber. The Automations were placed across various sections of our website, including the homepage, blog, and feature-specific social media posts, adding a touch of personality and visual appeal to our brand.

Marketing Guides

Alongside my work on 3D creative assets for our website and social media, I had the opportunity to design captivating covers for our monthly marketing guides, written by our talented content and copy team. These guides provided valuable tips and advice on email marketing for various industries, catering to small businesses. I took charge of the creative process, handling everything from designing the eye-catching covers to arranging the layouts and typography, as well as developing the corresponding landing pages. Below, you’ll find a selection of my favorite cover designs that I had the pleasure of creating.

Blog Covers

As part of my weekly responsibilities at AWeber, I collaborated closely with our content team to produce engaging covers for our blog articles. These covers served a dual purpose, acting as thumbnails for the blog and article templates, and being featured on social media posts that linked to the articles. It was essential to create designs that provided enough space for the article title, especially for optimal visibility on social media platforms, while maintaining a minimal yet visually captivating look. Additionally, these covers needed to follow a cohesive design pattern to ensure a balanced blog index. However, for more significant or noteworthy blog articles, I had the flexibility to adjust the design pattern to draw immediate and distinct attention to the content cover.

Video Templates

Video explainers played a crucial role in our marketing and user education efforts at AWeber. Although video production wasn’t my primary responsibility, I had the opportunity to collaborate with the video team by designing new cover chyron elements that were used during the editing process.

Internal Creative Messaging

With a large workforce, internal communication is essential, covering topics like HR benefits, company announcements, and on-campus events. In my role, I took charge of creating visual assets whenever needed, ensuring effective and visually appealing communication within the organization.