LendingTreeCore Principles Poster Set

Blender, Photoshop

LendingTree, the online loan exchange marketplace, launched its rebrand in early 2018. To celebrate the rebrand and the company's core principles, I was asked to create a set of posters that would be put up around the LendingTree headquarter office in Charlotte, NC.

Having free reign on the art direction, I decided to go with a 3D illustration style. Overall the posters took about 2 weeks from concept to completion. Below are the completed illustrations (without text overly).

The goal for each poster was to convey its respective principle as a unique and eye catching scene. Below is the breakdown to my thought process in designing the graphic for each principle.

Principle #1
Build truly outstanding products

This was the 1st poster concept I sketched out. It was the easiest one to draft as the term BUILD was easy to visualize into a scene. It also felt like a fitting opportunity to represent the rebrand launch by incorporating the new LendingTree logo. It also gave me an excuse to get some hard surface modeling in with the crane.

Principle #2
Be open and candid

The 2nd principle was a bit challenging to conceptualize. To me, the principle 'Be open and candid' means to be a team that communicates well for the common goal. A common memory in my life that reflects this in a light-hearted tone is the memory of playing crane machines at the Jersey Shore with my family. I thought this would be a fun visual that would also uniquely demonstrate the principle.

Fun fact: While poster 1 celebrated the new brand, poster 2 offers a bit of an easter egg to celebrate the old brand with having LendingTree's mascot, Lenny, making an appearance as the plush dolls inside the crane machine.

Principle #3
Act with urgency and creativity

Poster 3 is my favorite poster in the series. It's the most eye-catching and was the most technically-challenging to create. Conceptually it's a little more abstract in terms of representing its principle. The word URGENCY is represented by the speed of the rocket. CREATIVITY is represented by the smoke trail the pilot uses to create the LendingTree logo. The graphic has gone on to be used on other marketing materials for LendingTree.

Principle #4
Take charge

The 4th principle poster embodies the idea that in order to move forward and grow as a company, employees must be courageous and take on the challenges we have typically been afraid or not prepared to face. Challenge is represented in this poster by the dragon. Taking charge is represented by the warrior fearlessly charging at the dragon.

Principle #5
Commit to excellence

For poster 5 I wanted to convey that the principle of committing to excellence is not only about performing well in your job but also about helping others in theirs and fostering growth.

Principle #6
Set big goals and be accountable

The 6th and final principle poster is the one I have received the most compliments on. Ironically, it was the quickest poster to create from concept to completion. Visually I wanted to show something that would be a chore to create and took dedication. The rubber band ball came to mind quickly and I knew it was going to be both visually appealing and easy to identify / relate with the core principle.

Creating the posters was no small task. This was my second professional 3D modeling project so there were a lot of things I had to learn as I worked through the project including developing my understanding of 3D texture materials, UV mapping, and character rigging.

Some corners had to be cut for sake of time such as cleaning up character cloth bends in photoshop and working on the shadows, but almost all of what is seen in the posters is untouched from the render.

Full Poster Set

These posters represent a new chapter in my career. Learning 3D modeling was something I'd wanted to do for a long time but never found the time to do it. This year (2018) I made it my New Year's resolution to learn it, and I've spent many weeknights and weekends doing just that since the start of the year. While I am by all accounts an amateur in the space, being able to work on projects professionally reaffirms that the work I've put in to learning is already paying off.

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