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I work at LendingTree as a Sr. Visual Designer. My job responsibilities range over a few different design disciplines including product design, UX design, email, and a little bit of print design. However over the past year, to help with the launch of LendingTree's re-brand launch, I have worked on a ton of SEO and SEM landing pages. The samples below show a wide range of work that falls into that bucket. Enjoy!

Quick Note* LendingTree maintains a design library with strict rules on fonts, colors, and imagery. The designs below were developed in accordance with LendingTree's design library and guidelines.

LendingTree Blog

Tools: Sketch, Invision App Craft Plugin

One of the initiatives I was happy to take on was launching LendingTree's blog. Surprisingly, LendingTree had articles on the site already but they were not accessible from a single newsstand like homepage. Instead, they could only be reached through their embedded links on targeted landing pages. This seemed like a pretty big oversight. To further increase LendingTree's authority in the financial news and explainer space, the CMO and editorial team of LendingTree decided it was time to build LendingTree a legitimate blog homepage and revamp the existing single post page templates.

Blog Homepage

The blog homepage was the most exciting page to work on. A little history about me, I cut my teeth in the web design field by designing and coding Wordpress blogs. So getting to work on a blog homepage felt like coming home after being away for a very long time. I had a lot of fun working on this template. It offered a lot of opportunities to create something fresh and unique that didn't need to borrow a lot of UI elements from our existing design library. I wanted to find creative ways to layer content and imagery and as well as our new brand colors. I added subtle gradient overlays to our imagery to give them a bit more shine. Our editorial has to rely on using stock imagery a lot and unfortunately, that can make the content look a bit... automated. Subtle touches like gradient overlays I think push that feeling way a little.

Initial impressions from the product stakeholders were unanimous praise with very little feedback. If you visit the LendingTree blog now, you'll see version 1 of this design in production.


Article Index Templates

One thing I wanted to introduce to the content team was the ability to use different post templates based on the content they were publishing. I think the one post template fits all approach minimizes the impact for larger-scale content pieces. Some content is meant to be a quick read through and I think the content template should reflect that while other larger pieces should have a stronger / less distracted visual template to help bring authority to its content.

The new blog homepage and re-designed templates have done extremely well for the company, bringing in an estimated $30k a month in additional lead revenue. Through future improvements and more collected content focus, we hope to push that number even further.

Economic Overview SEO Outreach Page

Tools: Blender3D, Sketch, Photoshop

Outreach content is challenging. You're trying to create content that other authorities in your industry find relevant and share-worthy. As someone who puts a lot of weight into the values that aide content, it makes me sad to see long-form outreach content paired with stock imagery. So for LendingTree's yearly housing economic overview release, I wanted to create something that would mesmerize our outreach targets and give them the feeling this page isn't just another SEO asset, but rather this was a valuable and well-constructed resource of information for people in the housing market.

The motion graphic I made for the page not only helped the page perform better by decreasing bounce rate but also opened the creative up to using 3D motion graphics elsewhere across the site.

About Page Design & Motion Prototype

Tools: Sketch, Principle App

LendingTree has been around for a while. More and more competitors are coming out of the woods every year but LendingTree has remained at the top of the food chain. But the journey to where the company stands today hasn't always been steady or consistent. LendingTree used to actually offer loans to consumers, and some of the people who get to LendingTree website still believe the company is a lender, rather than a vast network that links lenders to lendees. To help consumers truly understand what it is LendingTree does today, I designed this about page that includes motion graphics.

One Page Form Design & Motion Prototype

Tools: Sketch, Principle App

LendingTree's form flows are one of the most tested areas on the site. There are thousands of form variations that have been tested in front of users. Gauging how far the needle moves with everything from button colors to more dramatic changes such as flow like this one-pager form experiment I designed below.

The design takes our typical multi-page form flow and brings it all together into a simple one-page experience. The idea was to take away the idea of steps from the user and see if engagement and conversions increased when the user doesn't believe a long set of forms wait ahead of them.

Feedback has been positive so far and this project remains in development with the launch of new form technologies at LendingTree.

Loan Vertical SEO & SEM Landing Pages

Tools: Sketch, Photoshop

Landing pages! Landing pages! Landing pages! I've designed so many landing pages! Here is a small collection of some of the more interesting ones I've designed that allowed me to flex more creative muscle. All of these except for the Homepage SEM LP focuses on a singular loan vertical.

404 Page With Motion Graphic

Tools: Blender3D, Sketch

Oh hey there. You've reached the end of this page. So I leave you with this cheeky little 404 page I designed. It's pretty simple but that's sort of what I love about it.

The concept was to show an engineer switching different power breakers and for different HTML elements to flicker in and out on the page. Unfortunately, that was going to take more time from the development team than they were willing to give up for a simple 404 page. I said they should just find a business loan on LENDINGTREE DOT COM and hire more developers 👌🏻.
They didn't respond to that suggestion.

Ok, that's it! Thanks for reading.