HuluLanding Pages

Sketch, Photoshop

While working at Red Ventures I had the privilege of joining a skunk works team to pitch Hulu on a partnership deal. My end of the work involved collaborating with a copywriter to design a set of landing pages for both the SEO and paid search ends of the pitch. Below are some of the designs I created for the pitch.

Quick Note* This project was done before Hulu went through their rebrand. The designs below were done in accordance with their old brand design standards.

The primary goal I had with my pitch designs was to offer a set of unique and interchangeable templates that Hulu could use to better represent their content on their individual SEO content hub pages. At the time, Hulu had only 1 template for their SEO hub pages, and while it got the job done, it felt like these pages were kind of bootstrapped together. A lot of the TV shows Hulu hosted content for had unique and original marketing visuals made by the studios that was relegated to only showing up in tiny widget thumbnails on the site. It felt like a missed opportunity to not incorporate these marketing visual more so.

To further demonstrate this concept I created a design that utilized video cover backgrounds to communicate the show's tone. I believe this would have allowed users to discover and sort of sample new content without actually committing to watching a trailer for the show or watching an episode.

Video Cover Landing Page Concept

A concept I had for the pitch was to allow for content sampling before users had to signup for an account. The content model Hulu was offering at the time allowed for users to stream content for free but users had to signup first. We understood the reasoning for this but I saw a missed opportunity in not letting the users get a taste of the content first. My concept involved letting the users watch a solid portfolio of the first OR latest episode of a show, and then requiring them to signup for an account to keep watching. This concept is similar to how music streaming platforms allow users to embed clips of music outside the service platform, but it only samples a chunk of the embedded song.

We also worked on a few other general templates that would be used with interchangeable paid search copy. I designed a device template that would change out various devices in the hero section to be aligned with the detected operating system. For example, if the page detected the user was browsing Safari mobile, we'd show an iPhone in the hero.

The second template was designed to advertise content that was pulled from Hulu's user watching habits data to showcase media that users consistently watched in relation to the current show page they landed on.

Getting to work on this pitch was a lot of fun. When the opportunity came up I jumped on board immediately. Getting to work on a brand like Hulu in itself is a privilege, but I really enjoy getting to design sites that are heavy with media content. There is also the added benefit that it's a service that I use and the idea of getting to help shape something I directly support feels pretty cool.

That’s all! Thanks for reading.