Rob Heath

Principal UI/UX Designer

Choose Energy

SEO & Checkout Redesign

Project Description:

During my tenure at Red Ventures, I spearheaded the revamp of, an online platform for energy plan aggregation. This involved creating a fresh logo, rebuilding more than 80 unique SEO templates, implementing a new cart flow, and integrating Red Ventures' proprietary AI chat platform. My primary objectives for the revamp were to simplify the site's design, establish a comprehensive design library with content blocks that allow for easy iteration and manipulation, and completely overhaul the energy plan marketplace. The project was completed within a month, and post-launch, ChooseEnergy observed a 6% increase in plan activations.

  • Sitemap audit
  • Brand redesign
  • Design system development (Sketch)
  • UI/UX development
  • Mobile design
  • Testing
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